Par Excellence
Student-Run Hospitality Staffing

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Par Excellence Hospitality Staffing


A Student-Run and Supported Staffing Company Since 1982

An official University of Houston Organization, Par Excellence is a non-profit hospitality staffing company that allows Conrad N. Hilton College students the unique opportunity to manage their own small business and serve you, the Greater Houston Area, while they are still students. Our company specializes in excellent hospitality services including bartending, food service, cake cutting, wine service, flambé, and all other aspects of hospitality service. We are proud to be invited to private, personal, and corporate events to showcase the talents of our student members. 

Since our founding in 1982, we have ensured that all proceeds from our services are used to support students financially and academically through scholarships and professional training. We thank you for your continued support of the University of Houston and its students.



Areas of Service



Our members are ready for your next cocktail party! From signature cocktails to family-friendly mocktails, our members are skilled mixologists. Please let us know if we can bring bartending equipment.


Pouring Service

The perfect pour of wine is one that complements the palate, and that all begins with the pour. Par Excellence members are trained to ensure that our wine, champagne, and beer pours bring life to the party.


Food Service

From passing hors d'oeuvres to formal table-side service, our members are expertly trained and ready to wow your guests. Please let us know if we can bring any trays to assist with passing appetizers.


Food Preparation

While our members are not certified to assist with the catering or cooking for your event, Par Excellence members are expertly trained to help with the plating and preparation of all your foodstuffs.


Cake Cutting

The cake defines the party! A wedding has a wedding cake, a birthday has a birthday cake, and our members are trained to cut every manner of cake into quick, clean, and photo-worthy slices for every occasion.


Other Services

Our members are happy to assist with any aspect of your event. From folding napkins to assisting with clean-up, our members are talented in all areas of hospitality.*


              *Please note that members cannot preform any tasks that endanger themselves or guests.


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— Conrad N. Hilton