Par Excellence
Student-Run Hospitality Staffing


First Class Servers,
World Class Leaders


During the Spring semester of 1982, the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (Hilton) was asked to provide students to serve a formal dinner at the home of Mr. Nick Nicholas.  This event was hosted by television personality Mr. Warner Roberts and Mr. James Papadakis, owner of James Coney Island, and was a thank you dinner for underwriters who had contributed to the March of Dimes during the year.  Fifteen students donated their services to this worthy cause.  In June of 1982, the students were again asked o serve – this time for a cocktail party welcoming the new Hilton Dean, Dr. Gerald Lattin, at the home of Dr. Fannie Howard.

These two requests seemed to provide a potential opportunity for students to form an elite service organization, which would be available to the Houston community.  All members would be full-time students in the Hilton College, and would be available for hire as service personnel.  The organization was formed with two primary goals in mind: To promote the Conrad N. Hilton College and the University of Houston throughout the community and to provide a unique training experience for Hilton students in aspect of service.

Dr. Clinton Rappole founded the organization and was the first faculty advisor while Dennis Caylor, Director of Food Services for the University Hilton, assisted with the development of a training program.  Dr. Charles Bishop, President of the University of Houston Systems, was very supportive, and agreed to become the organization’s honorary advisor.

In order to become officially formed, a student General Manager needed to be selected.  Mr. Allison Wen accepted the position, and Par Excellence was organized.  Allison began at once to formalize by-laws, procedures, among other concerns, to select a uniform.  A full tuxedo with tails, red cummerbund and red bow tie were agreed upon as the Par Excellence uniform in 1982.  The Hilton College, under Dean Lattin, loaned Par Excellence the seed money needed to purchase necessary equipment and uniforms.  Further donations were generously donated by ARA Services.

Currently, we are advised by Chef Reba Haskell who has been instrumental in Par Excellence's pursuit of advancement.

Par Excellence is an honors student organization dedicated to promoting the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and its members through the actual experience of managing and operating first class hospitality staffing services of the Greater Houston area.
— Mission Statement

Spring 2018 Executive Team

reba's Picture.png


Chef Reba Haskell

Chef Haskell brings 20 years of experience with Pappas Restaurants to the classroom, including front- and back-of-house management, catering management and event planning; restaurant expertise also includes menu design, event design, financial and revenue management, beverage management and food costs; developed company policies and procedures for staff retention; developed and enforced personnel policies, standard operating procedures and employee handbooks.



B.S., Business Management


Expertise & Research Interests

  • Restaurant Management and Development
  • Back-of-House Systems
  • Event Planning and Execution
  • Event Sales




General Manager

Quincy Reynolds

Quincy is dually enrolled at the University of Houston in the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and the Honors College. She joined Par Excellence to network with dedicated individuals in Hilton College and explore the hospitality events of Houston. Now that she is General Manager, Quincy is very excited to drive the organization forward with the ideas of her members. She has had a wonderful time managing the best organization in the Hilton College and is more excited than ever for this upcoming semester.


Educational Goals

Emphasis in Lodging Management

Leadership Studies

Activities & Affiliations

  • Honors College, Student Mentor
  • HLAGH, Member
  • Omnicron Delta Kappa, Honoree
  • Eta Sigma Delta, Honoree


Financial Controller

Van "Cathy" Luong

Van (Cathy) Luong is a Senior of Conrad N Hilton College. She joined Par Excellence to network with dedicated individuals, create good friendships and learn to manage an actual non-profit business. She plans to graduate in Fall 2018. Her near future plan is pursuing the master degree in Accounting and Finance. Cathy is a Cat-person and used to own up to 10 cats. Her desire is to travel around the world and creating her own travel blog about her journeys and experiences. If she won a $1,000,000, she would pursue her dream travelling around the world right away.


Educational Goals

Emphasis in Finance/Hotel Development


Activities & Affiliations

  • Eta Sigma Delta, Honoree
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
    • Error Management in Hospitality




Assistant Controller

Wei-Hsi "Jessica" Hsu

Wei-Hsi "Jessica" Hsu is an international student from Taiwan with a Bachelor's Degree in the science of Horticulture. She's now a Sophomore at the Conrad N. Hilton College with the emphasis on food and beverage. She has four Dachshund dogs in Taiwan and she hopes one day she can have her own dog café. She has been a member of Par Excellence since Fall 2016. She joined this organization to learn more about the service industry, gain more experience with real-life practices, and meet more friends who have the same passions. She wants to learn more accounting practices by being the Assistant Controller of Par Excellence.

Educational Goals

Emphasis in Food & Beverage Management



Lead Event Coordinator

Grace Marlin

Grace has been a member of Par Excellence since Spring 2016. She decided to join the honor organization because of the opportunity it provided to learn more about the industry through training and real life experience. Grace has learned more than just how to open wine, flambé, but how to adapt to every customer and provide the best service for each individual event. She plans to use her experience in Par Excellence for her future restaurant!

Activities & Affiliations

  • Roostar Vietnamese Grill, Internship
  • Food Photography, Dabbler
  • Event Planning, Planner
  • Hot Yoga, Guru

Educational Goals

Emphasis in Restaurant Management



Assistant Event Coordinator

Lindsay Beauregard

Lindsay Beauregard is a senior at the Conrad N. Hilton College studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is a member of University of Houston's Honors College and Chi Omega. Lindsay is pursing her degree in hospitality with aspirations to one day own and operate her own hotel. 


Activities & Affiliations

  • Cambridge Oaks, Residential Advisor
  • Chi Omega Sorority, Member
  • Honors College, Member

Educational Goals

Emphasis in Lodging Management



Training Director

Minh D. "Bobby" Nguyen

Minh D. Nguyen, also known as Bobby, is a sophomore at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. A dedicated and motivated student, Minh hopes to pursue a career in lodging operations and development worldwide. He joined Par Excellence in the Fall of 2017, in search for valuable experience, influential people, and practical knowledge in the service industry. After a short time with the organization, he realized that Par Excellence satisfied his pursuit to positively advance his future. Now, with many pleasant experiences, Minh is eager to be coaching the next team of star penguins! 

Activities & Affiliations

  • HFTP, Vice President
  • Red Cross UH, Member
  • Chartwells, Management Intern

Educational Goals

Emphasis in Lodging Management



Director of Marketing

Pablo Ramirez

Pablo Ramirez is currently a sophomore at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Pablo's interest in the Hospitality industry began when he studied Culinary Arts in his home town of El Paso where learned to love catering and events from his chef instructor at the time. Knowing the basics of cooking and currently working for City Kitchen Catering in Houston, Pablo now seeks a career in food and beverage operations. 

Educational Goals

Hilton College

Emphasis in Food and Bevarage Operations

Activities and Affiliations

  • CityKitchen Catering
  • Cooking