Par Excellence is happy to be your first choice in student-run staffing services.

Due to the academic nature of our organization, we will be out of the office between December 14, 2017, and January 16, 2018, to reflect the University of Houston break.

If you would like an event staffed that falls between these times, please contact us on or before November 30, 2017. We look forward to staffing your event!

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We would love to speak with you directly so we can tailor our services to exceed your expectations. Please do not hesitate to call 713-743-2456 or email us at with any questions.

Or, you may fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly. 


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Need staffing? Fill out this form!
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If total round-trip mileage from the University of Houston is 25 miles or more, a flat travel fee will be included in the overall total bill.
Please note: We are not permitted to cater or cook for events. (Refer to "Our Services" for details)
Please let us know if the supervisor can take pictures at your event. We would like to advertise Par Ex and also to keep the memories of our members working at your event.

Directions & Mailing

Par Excellence Hospitality Staffing

Physical Address:

4450 University Dr

Houston, Texas 77204

Mailing Address: 

 229 Hilton Hotel & College Ste. 222A

Houston, Texas 77204


**Please Note: Par Excellence cannot guarantee availability for every event. We always do our best to staff every event appropriately. Should we not be able to staff your event, we will provide ample notice and other staffing options. Thank you for your understanding!